TAG vs EssayBitch…I mean EssayBot. Subscriber Appreication week!

[Music] I have a thousand word essay due tomorrow that I haven’t even started you know what I’m not panicking because I have sa bun what’s up guys I’ve got a thousand word essay do literally in less than 10 hours want to know why I’m not panicking because I’m not a dumbass okay I know how to write an essay a thousand word essay as you can tell is my criteria right here is nothing it’s nothing a thousand words is nothing ooh two to three scholarly articles Wow that’s nothing so in this video I’m going to very quickly shit all over essay by proving that if you use essay ba you’re just an idiot let’s have ourselves a good time and I will write an essay for all of you just to prove why essay bot is terrible by automating the writing process si bar helps guide you to a finished essay in minutes guide you to a finished essay you mean helps you cheat that’s all this is doing it’s a cheating app it’s a cheating tool that this is why I hate it you’re telling me that you need something to write your essay for you and you can’t do it on your own that’s absolute bull it’s not even the fact that this thing just completely copy and pastes from the internet not even that it’s that it says it helps you write grammarly helps you write this is cheating completely cheating there’s smart editor searches millions of websites for relevant content to your topic paraphrase is that content for you without any worries about plagiarism all while citing the sources used in writing them automatically in an APA or MLA format did anyone else hear that it protects you from plagiarism while plagiarizing it completely copies someone else’s work and then puts it into its own words yet you get credit for it again it’s cheating this isn’t an assisting tool this is a let something else write my essay for me tool because I’m completely incompetent and stupid to do it if you were competent you could do this if you were incompetent this is not even about like any sort of struggling writer this is I do don’t want to ride it and above all he’s using an example of a thousand word essay a thousand words isn’t even that much it’s not but you know tomato tomahto I guess if you’re busy copying someone else’s work then why should you care about whatever they think huh why should you care what they are trying to do you’re trying to protect your own butt from plagiarism you’re trying to protect yourself from being able to copy and cheat without actually having to do the work you are a piece of garbage if you use essay bots need to add more AI assistant paragraphs or change topics midstream essay bot has you covered user tools as much or as little as you’d like to help customize the perfect essay for your style shake that writer’s block and make sure you hit that deadline every time shake that writer’s block what are you talking about they’re not shaking anything you’re not a teaching tool you’re not even teaching anything your copy and pasting this isn’t a helping assistant tool this is a let me do the work while you struggle but hey you know fuck it sometimes people just struggle with writing cool this isn’t how you get better this isn’t how you get better at writing and improve it shake that writer’s block and hit that deadline every time what the you’re not though you’re not doing anything you’re click click that’s it use it as much or as little as you like you know people are gonna use it to write the whole essay that’s what they’re going to do shake that writer’s block what are you talking about shake that writer’s block you’re not shaking anything you’re just here let us say BOTS write your essay for you this is complete bullshit it is a complete bullshit service and the fact that it’s even allowed to advertise on YouTube is the problem here I just want to mention that it’s been like an hour yeah about an hour and it’s done so I’m just saying essay bot is not worth the time it’s worthless it’s very easy to type about something you care about and if even if you don’t care about it it’s not a thousand words is not something even warrant as they bought piss off essay bot you are fucking worthless thank you guys for watching my name is that analysis guy I will see you all next time perhaps in the next writing video I’ll show you how to write an essay on a book you have barely read peace